IT Support Services

Our Managed IT Service plans are a package of multiple technology pieces customized to your company's needs so that you have a seamless IT experience. We work with you and your team to develop the right combination of tools and support - and provide that at a fixed monthly price so there are no surprises.

  • Help Desk – Your employees need help with their computers more frequently than you might realize, and they need someone to call to get quick help with a problem. It may be as simple as a printing issue, accessing a resource on a server, or getting email to work on a new device. We allow your employees to email, call, or enter a ticket from their computer using our tools - with whatever questions or problems they are experiencing, and our experts on staff will assist. We can log onto your employee’s computers and help them remotely. If we cannot fix your computer remotely, we will dispatch a field technician who will address the issues in person.
  • Security – Our managed security solutions keep your network and your employees safe from the “bad guys” on the internet – like viruses, malware, phishing attacks, etc. We provide your company with a very strong security posture. In addition, we also have an extended cybersecurity offering.
  • Monitoring – Our systems provide continuous monitoring of the health of your servers, network infrastructure, wireless, and computers (desktops, laptops, etc.). By using our tools, we respond quickly – and in many cases – proactively to help prevent or avoid disruptions.
  • Business Continuity – Our backup systems include an on-site backup of your systems as well as an off-site copy that we call “vaulting”. That way, there are multiple copies of your data that we can use to recover from a disaster. Additionally, our backup systems can run a “virtual copy” of your production environment in the case of an emergency – so your business can continue to function while repairs are made. This “virtual copy” can be started within minutes in many cases.

With Intelli-NET as your trusted IT Provider, we will

  • Engage our staff to learn your business, data flow, budget, and expectations.
  • Incorporate a full disaster recovery solution to ensure critical data is systematically and securely backed up. These back ups will be provide easy-to-recover access to lost or damaged files. Also, in the event of an emergency, your recovery will be minimized because of rapid recovery tools.
  • Install Industry-Leading protection against Spam, Viruses, Intrusion, Attacks, and other threats.

We will conduct a FREE network analysis and CEO Interview as part of our process. This allows us to build a repository of data from you and your network. It also allows us to determine any immediate needs that must be addressed as part of the onboarding process.

Take the hassle out of looking after your IT with Managed Services from Intelli-NET.

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