IT Support Services Greenville SC

The highest level of service available from Intelli-NET is our Managed Services solution. Customers that select this solution benefit from a full range of tools and products including a Managed Antivirus System, Disaster Recovery Infrastructure, Email Protection, Intrusion Prevention and Filtering at the Firewall, and unlimited access to our staff of technical experts.

With Intelli-NET as your trusted IT Provider, we will

  • Engage our staff to learn your business, data flow, budget, and expectations.
  • Incorporate a full disaster recovery solution to ensure critical data is systematically and securely backed up. These back ups will be provide easy-to-recover access to lost or damaged files. Also, in the event of an emergency, your recovery will be minimized because of rapid recovery tools.
  • Install Industry-Leading protection against Spam, Viruses, Intrusion, Attacks, and other threats.

We will conduct a FREE network analysis and CEO Interview as part of our process. This allows us to build a repository of data from you and your network. It also allows us to determine any immediate needs that must be addressed as part of the onboarding process.

Take the hassle out of looking after your IT with Managed Services from Intelli-NET.

Get Your Free Network Analysis & CEO Interview