Email/Spam Protection

How critical is email to your business?

So much time is spent dealing with spam that consultants measure the lost productivity in days per year. Viruses and attacks bombard your networks daily.

Another layer of protection can free up any of your resources. Intelli-NET’s cloud-based spam filter works with both on-premise and cloud-based email systems. By eliminating the spam before it hits your network, you aid in keeping your systems secure and healthy.

With our spam filter you get a personal daily digest of all the email that was quarantined on the prior day. You can release any email that was stopped right from your computer. Also, you have real-time access to your quarantine on line, so if you suspect a message is trapped, you can quickly release it.

Personal and corporate whitelisting and blacklisting allows both you and your corporate staff to customize the way email is filtered.

If you are spending any time at all sifting through your Inbox getting rid of spam, call us so that we can eliminate that headache - almost immediately! Relief is guaranteed! If you are curious about this system, we can do a 30-day trial to see if the service works!

We eat our own dogfood at Intelli-NET of SC. Our email is filtered by this same system.

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