Desktop & Server Support

Put an end to frustrating downtime and minimal support

When you call a manufacturer’s technical helpdesk, the representative you speak to has no idea how your business operates nor do they grasp your unique IT environment.

But with Desktop and Server Support services from Intelli-NET, you’ll have your very own customized server solution designed with hardware and software that meets your specific needs and doesn't compromise on convenient and reliable Desktop Support.

We’re your extended IT department, ensuring optimal server performance while providing you with personalized expert advice and support.

With Desktop & Server Support from Intelli-NET, you’ll be able to:

  • Reduce costs - budget more wisely by reducing large upfront expenditures and the cost of renting server space
  • Enable growth - grow your technology in line with your company
  • Enhance productivity - we’ll look after your server and provide you with uncompromised support so you can focus on your business
  • Protect yourself - when your server belongs to you, your data and applications are more secure
  • Minimize downtime - with our fully certified American tech team who’ll always be there for you

Desktop & Server Support from Intelli-NET empowers your business with faster response times, round the clock professional support and optimal server performance. We’ll also keep you updated with our comprehensive reports so you know just how efficiently your IT is running.

Your organization is only as good as your IT, so doesn’t it make sense to ensure that both are operating at the peak of excellence?

Increase productivity and security with Desktop & Server Support from Intelli-NET

Get the support you deserve