CIO Consulting

It's clear that a seasoned, professional IT Leader is needed to provide IT Direction and Management in every organization, large or small.

Here is how the Intelli-NET CIO Consulting engagement works. One of our senior level IT professionals will provide you with a high-level analysis of your current infrastructure and measure it against industry standards to ensure your investments are being utilized.

  • Interface with executives and users to insure that IT goals are met in support of your organization's core business
  • Perform strategic and budget planning. Identify and evaluate the business impacts of your technology decisions
  • Provide guidance on technology direction, challenges, decisions and opportunities
  • Monitor and manage IT performance across all related vendors and report service performance metrics.
  • Provide periodic updates to the Executive Team as required.

Let s work with you to develop a customized solution to meet your specific needs. Whether your strategy is on the shelf awaiting execution, or you need to begin developing a long-term technology plan for success, we can help you get there.

CIO Consulting from Intelli-NET will help you achieve greater success.

Find out how today.