Derek and his team know IT – period.

The Poinsett Club has partnered with Intelli-NET for our IT support for over a decade.  During that time, the staff at Intelli-NET has been highly accessible, and that is our single biggest benefit. They’ve always responded whether I communicate by phone, email, or text. Intelli-NET has always provided professionalism & knowledge when needed.

Our IT needs have grown substantially over the years, and our operations have become highly dependent on the technology that Intelli-NET has implemented for us.  For businesses that are uncertain about how to make the most of their investment in technology, they know the solution or will find the best solution – quickly and efficiently. For someone on the fence about choosing Intelli-NET over another provider, I would say this; Derek and his team know IT – period.

Brent Reeder GM/COO
The Poinsett Club

They make things happen, and do it right the first time.

When we began our relationship with Intelli-NET, our veterinarian practice in Woodruff, SC, had never experienced the benefits of an IT firm.  We had been working with a single person IT company that sold us some computers, but that company certainly never looked at our company from a big-picture perspective.

Our biggest benefit since partnering with Intelli-NET for our IT support has been the fast response time and the quality of service. Everyone I have spoken to has always been nice, polite, and very up to date on training. One key thing we’ve found separates Intelli-NET from other IT companies we’ve worked with in the past has been their response time. They can make things happen when we need it done, and do it right the first time.

When Derek and his team took us on, we were very small. They took us from a small peer-to-peer network to our full network and we are looking to add more soon! Thanks to them, I don’t have to worry anymore about our system and have found that we really do need to listen to them.

Chris Crenshaw Owner
The Animal Clinic of Woodruff

They keep our network running smoothly, with 99.9% uptime!

Southeastern Paperboard is a manufacturing company located in Greenville.  Over the years, we had worked with various IT firms doing small projects for us.  We had never experienced the comfort and security of working with a team that offered a complete IT solution before.  From managing our servers, to providing an extremely reliable building-to-building wireless infrastructure, Intelli-NET has always been creative problem solvers.

Our primary advantage we have working with Intelli-NET has been their intelligence in setting up and maintaining a secure network across several buildings with multiple features and almost 99.9% uptime!

The ease of getting someone on the phone for assistance and help desk for users is an aspect of their business I’d say that they do better than their competitors.  If someone were looking for a technology provider, I’d say to choose Intelli-NET – you won’t be disappointed with your decision.

Mike Ward Southeastern Paperboard

Intelli-NET helped us transition to working from home quickly and painlessly!

VisitGreenvilleSC is a non-profit organization with little IT knowledge inside the company. Outsourcing Intelli-NET to manage our IT and phone needs has been a game changer.

Intelli-NET now manages VGSC’s servers, cloud infrastructure, desktop hardware, software, network security, telephone VoIP service and equipment.  They recently helped VGSC build out new office space making sure our office design supported IT and phone needs.  They can do just about anything!

I wanted to especially thank the folks at Intelli-NET for helping us maintain our operations as we shifted to a “work from home” situation during the COVID-19 scare.  We had to move our staff out of our building and begin working from home in a very short period of time.  Intelli-NET made that happen for us quickly and practically painlessly!

Some things we feel Intelli-NET does better than other IT firms is their response time to our phone calls and support tickets is almost immediate, the team is extremely customer service oriented and knowledgeable in all areas.  Most importantly, Intelli-NET assesses and makes suggestions to improve our hardware, software, and phone needs.

They proactively manage our systems and notify us when we need to make changes.  They take care of us! If anyone is questioning whether they should use Intelli-NET for their IT needs, give us a call at (864)-421-0000 – we can help answer their concerns.

Chris Stone Visit Greenville SC

Quick, Effective, & Efficient

Clean Advantage is a small manufacturing company specializing in packaging, manufacturing, and fulfillment of specialty cleaning products.  Being a smaller company, we don’t typically run into any issues, but when we do, we need an immediate response and Intelli-NET has always done that for us.  We appreciate the fact that our company’s technology is in the hands of a competent and responsive team.

The quickness in which they handle any issue we have effectively and efficiently has been our biggest benefit working with Intelli-NET, and is one aspect of their business I’ve felt like they’ve done better than their competitors. If you’re stuck choosing an IT firm, Intelli-NET is the one to go with if you want a team that cares about your needs and desires.

Sherry Norris Clean Advantage

Intelli-NET has given us a peace of mind.

A couple of years ago, our company was sharing office space with another non-profit in Greenville.  As the two companies grew, it was clear that we needed to move to another office – but all of our files were on the other company’s server… and our email was being hosted by the company that handles our website.  Obviously, our setup was not ideal, and we needed help. 

We contacted Intelli-NET and described our predicament.  Their team laid out a plan that allowed us to easily relocate our office, migrate our files to the “cloud” and got our email running on Office 365.  It doesn’t sound all that complicated, but we were scared because we had no idea how to make all that happen.   

One huge benefit we’ve experienced since partnering with Intelli-NET has been our peace of mind. Knowing that they are monitoring and available if/when we have any issues takes a major stress off our small non-profit. In comparison to other IT companies we’ve worked with in the past, Derek and his team at Intelli-NET have consistently been very good at communication and following-through.

If someone were debating using them as their managed services provider, I’d tell them that Intelli-NET is a great company with a first-rate team that will make sure your needs are met.

Dean Hybl Executive Director
Ten at The Top

We feel like our IT support is in good hands with Intelli-NET

Our company has been working with Intelli-NET for several years.  They came highly recommended from a mutual acquaintance.  We were hesitant at first to turn over the keys to our business network because we had never used an outside company for IT Support before.

One of the biggest benefits Intelli-NET has given JWS Distributing is a continuity in our IT support. Over the years, we had been working with individuals who happened to know something about computers, or did IT as a side-gig… and when they had other opportunities, or were busy, we had to start looking for a new person to help us.

With Intelli-NET we have had good service and transition in people has not affected our IT support. In addition to that, they’ve given us a peace of mind that our IT support is being properly handled. If someone were ruminating on who they should choose for their IT support, I would tell them that our IT support has always been in good hands with Intelli-NET.

Bob Beam JWS Distributing

… Providing reasoning that is understandable to people who are not very tech savvy

The folks at Intelli-NET have been handling our IT support for several years.  When we started, our company had a small network, and our internet was still running on 90’s technology.  We have added a lot of capability since then.  Currently Intelli-NET is working to migrate our six servers to Microsoft Azure, and we run on a high-speed fiber connection.  We’ve expanded our offices and Intelli-NET helped design and implement that.  We’ve also opened up additional facilities, and they are all working together.

Since partnering with Intelli-NET for our IT support, their responsiveness has arguably been our biggest benefit. I feel like they outperform their competitors through their quick response time, as well as providing reasoning that is understandable to people who are not very tech savvy. In addition to that, they’ve always had a fair price as well as a high level of trust!

If someone was on the fence about choosing Intelli-NET, I would tell them that they are very personable, knowledgeable, flexible, and competitive.

Brent Jones President Service Transport

No longer do I have to deal with the small problems my employees are having…

I’ve known Derek at Intelli-NET for years, personally.  I didn’t realize back then how important is was to have a team with a depth of knowledge available to our company.  For years, I thought that I could do all the IT stuff myself.  I quickly learned!

For Ballew’s Aluminum, the biggest benefit since we started working with Intelli-NET is how they’ve helped free up so much of my time. No longer do I have to deal with the small problems my employees are having with their computers and email.

We have grown from having one remote office to three.  We’ve also relocated our company’s main office in the Greer area.  One thing I feel Intelli-NET has done better than other IT firms we have worked with in the past is their ability to keep all 4 of our locations connected. They saved me a lot of money moving from dedicated lines to VPN tunnels over the internet.  The solution we have in place now is extremely reliable and robust.  The team at Intelli-NET also has worked with our remote staff and Internet Service Providers in remote cities to get our sites up and running.   

If someone were considering choosing Intelli-NET, I’d inform them that Derek has done a great job putting together a team that is very easy to work with.

Andy Ballew CEO
Ballew’s Aluminum

We know that when we call for support, we will get a quick response

INTELLI-NET has been managing our systems since 2006.  We consider them to be an integral
part of our operations, having worked with us over multiple server migrations and upgrades, and helping to keep our systems current.  We know that when we call for support, we will get a quick response from a knowledgeable technician who knows our systems and our needs.

I have known Derek Davis for many years and value the integrity he instills in his team at INTELLI-NET.
I can personally reach out to him (and get a quick response) whenever we have a need.

We recently worked with INTELLI-NET to install a new Microsoft Teams Meeting Room system to allow
us to continue operating efficiently during these unprecedented times.  We can now hold regular meetings with vendors, field staff, and other companies working on a project together.

INTELLI-NET is a very valuable part of our team.

Bruce Henson Jennings-Dill Inc.

They’ve never made me feel that they didn’t have time for my issue

Since 2008, when we lost our on-site network administrator, INTELLI-NET has been the only company we have worked with to handle our IT Needs.  As a non-profit school, they have helped us through many hurdles over the years... and even though they are an hour away by car, there has never been an instance when we needed help and they didn't show up!

You guys are always willing and able to support us!  As Compliance Officer it is good to know that our IT needs are taken care of safely, securely, and confidentially.  I am always greeted with a smile… even over the phone!!  Each of you are very professional and have never made me feel that you did not have time for my issue or problem!  Thank you!

Pam Towe Tamassee DAR School

NO longer do our employees have to waste time troubleshooting their computer issues

As a manufacturing company, we KNOW that time is money. So when one of our employees has to deal with issues that don’t directly deal with their job, we are losing money. This is why we continue to use Intelli-NET for our IT support.

Intelli-NET has been working with our South Carolina location since 2017.  They assisted us as we acquired another company, and helped us manage the multiple systems that we needed to have working together as we merged.

We have found that they always try to solve our issues as quickly as possible and there is always someone to respond to our call right away. That includes providing special help beyond regular IT support.  Things like extracting data from legacy systems and helping create barcode labels, etc.

If you are looking for a new IT company, you should consider Intelli-NET not only because of their fast response times, but also due to their quality. They have always made sure that we’ve been satisfied.

Bruna Oliveira Opperman Webbing