About Us

We serve our clients with a Christ-Like attitude.  That's a statement you will not hear from  many IT Service Companies.

This company was founded in late 2001 - soon after the tragedy of 9/11 - and after much soul searching. The idea was to provide the same type of IT Services to smaller businesses that larger enterprises used. Back then, the notion of "Managed Services" didn't really exist. For that matter, none of the tools that use today did not exist.

But the market for IT Outsourcing seemed like a great business model - so when Derek Davis and Erik Rhine - both members of the same church - began exploring the idea, a partnership was formed.

Derek brings 30 years of IT Experience - mostly from large corporations - and a vast knowledge of the industry and business. Erik brings 20 years of IT Experience - mostly from working with smaller businesses.

By combining our experience, we found that we both had complimentary strengths that customers needed.  So as we have grown, we sought out employees with similar values.

Now, the tools we have at our disposal allow us to work much more efficiently. We can provide rapid response and problem resolution faster than ever before... but our mission is still the same.